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Lahannya has always lived life on her own terms, eschewing convention and bending the rigid rules imposed by society to her advantage. It is therefore no surprise that her first release was a totally self-produced track on the Amduscias compilation of anarchist US diy label Zenflesh.

Inspired by the positive feedback and the Zenflesh way of just doing it, Lahannya went on to produce her debut EP and release it on her own label. The 4-track “Drowning” EP was extremely positively received by fanzines and underground music Web sites worldwide, which compared its sound to Throwing Muses, Cranes and a more ambient Garbage.

After moving from Brighton on England’s South coast into the heart of London Lahannya took up a DJ residency at the infamous Slimelight, London’s longest running alternative club night and a regular hang-out for national and international underground artists. Her DJ activities led to interesting friendships and collaborations, the first of which was her contribution to the 2003 Greenhaus release “Another Life”. In 2004 Lahannya began her long-term collaboration with Soman, resulting in club hits like “Tears”, “Eye to Eye”, “Mask” and the remix of Combichrist's “Sex, Drugs and Industrial” as well as festival performances at M’Era Luna, WGT and Summer Darkness among others.

At M'Era Luna 2004 a chance encounter with Lutz Demmler of controversial German goth-rock band Umbra et Imago provided the trigger for Lahannya's return to her own material. Their brief acquaintance turned into fast friendship and eventually the decision to work together on Lahannya’s full-length debut album. “Shotgun Reality” was a departure from both her early solo work and her recent collaborations, yet its genre-breaching fusion of alternative rock, powerpop and gothic metal was instantly recognisable by the idiosyncratic vocal style and imaginative lyrics that have become Lahannya’s trademark. In late 2006 Lahannya and Lutz were joined first by Belle on drums and shortly after by Chris Milden on guitar and together the glamorous quartet presented “Shotgun Reality” live at sold-out tours in the UK and France with Courtney Love’s anarchic ex-collaborator Emilie Autumn and j-rock lolita Moon Kana.

For Lahannya standing still is a bit like dying and therefore the band are starting 2008 at full steam: Just six months after catapulting right into the heart of the European alternative scene with their impressive debut there will be a new release, in time for Lahannya’s extended tour supporting German goth-rock sensation ASP in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The "Welcome To The Underground" EP features four brand new tracks and a variety of remixes by renowned artists from the alternative scene.

The EP presented the prequel to a story that further unfolded in the next full length album "Defiance" and is a subject that is very close to the heart of Lahannya and her band. “Welcome To The Underground” paints a bleak picture of our future – a future in which due to fear and lethargy our nation has sleepwalked into a surveillance society and our personal lives are under state control. Individualists, free thinkers and anyone seeking an alternative lifestyle either lives a life of pretence, constantly on guard, or is forced to exist completely outside society as we know it, in the underground. Not everyone is prepared to accept that we no longer live in a free country and the underground is rising to fight back.

"Defiance" defined the Lahannya sound, which had evolved into a fusion of industrial rock, gothic metal, dark wave and electro, never sitting comfortably in a single narrowly defined genre. It was the album that led to numerous festival performances in 2009 and 2010 and opened new doors for Lahannya and her band.

Lahannya the bandIn summer 2010 drummer Belle was forced to reduce the amount of time he could spend touring and recording and had to leave the band after almost 4 years together. As work on the new album was about to begin the band worked with both Lars Nippa and Luca Mazzucconi on the new material and in November Luca permanently took on the live drumming responsibilities.

To shorten the wait for their third album the band released "Scavenger", a special fan edition CD/DVD double pack in November 2010 with two brand new tracks, several live tracks and their entire performance at Metal Female Voices Fest 2009 in Belgium on DVD. Lahannya's headline tour in the UK and Germany was a full success and they were offered to join ASP a second time on their 2011 tour.

Lahannya's third album "Dystopia" will be released in October 2011 and picks up the story of life in a dystopian Britain right where "Defiance" left off and the protagnists have to come to terms with the consequences of their utter defeat and betrayal from within


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